I am primarily a mime, musician and singer, and teacher of almost anything.

As a mime, I give performances throughout the Ottawa region and internationally. These performances, both for children and adults, are given at various festivals, private parties, conferences, openings, community centers, libraries, schools, and almost anywhere where my skills can both entertain and educate. I create and choreograph my own material and am able to match a production according to my clients' and audience needs.


Performances can also include live music which I perform myself or with other musicians including accordian, saxophone, guitar, drums, harmonica, and piano.


I have performed for the hearing impaired - a perfect place for a mime! The emotion was high - but it was very quiet. I communicated with my language and they with theirs and I know we all understood each other!

You might have seen me at a party, walking through clusters of partygoers, smiling, teasing and flirting while drinking invisible drinks and finding all kinds of invisible creatures in your ears, mouth or behind your head. Suddenly, balls are being thrown and then juggled, only to be eaten in one gulp in what quickly becomes our imaginary world.

I give workshops on mime and theatre in schools. PERFORM is the key word. Students express their inner feelings to overcome their inhibitions and become capable players in the world of theatre … and the REAL world!

I give private lessons in 'creative' aerobics. By creative, I mean that several disciplines, such as yoga, mime, modern dance  and tai chi are merged to provide a complete and satisfying workout.

I teach French in informal situations. I like to take my students usually for walks in the beautiful Gatineau Parkand and canoe on the Gatineau river, which becomes our natural classroom, so to speak.( Le Droit (local news) recently published an article on my ways of motivating students)